Create a New Project

In this tutorial, you create a new Project in your Sentry account. Projects allow you to scope events to a distinct application in your organization and assign responsibility and ownership to specific users and teams within your organization. You can create a project for a particular language or framework used in your application. For example, you might have separate projects for your API server and frontend client.

Let’s Go

  1. Login to your Sentry organization

  2. Select Projects from the left side navigation menu to display the list of all your projects

  3. Click on the + Create Project button

    Create new project

    Note: If there are no projects in your account — you might be redirected to the onboarding wizard to create your first project.

  • Select the language or framework for your project based on the code you wish to monitor — in this case, JavaScript.

  • Give the project a Name.

    Select project language

  • Assign a Team to the project.

    If you haven’t defined any teams, you can either select the default org team (the team that has the same name as your Sentry Org) or click on the + button to create a new team.

    Select team

  • Click on Create Project. This takes you to the configuration page. Read through the quick Getting Started guide.
  1. Copy the DSN key and keep it handy as we will be copying the key into the source code.

    Copy DSN

    The DSN (or Data Source Name) tells the SDK where to send the events, associating them with the project you just created. It consists of a few pieces, including the protocol, public key, server address, and project identifier, and has the following format:

     https://<Public Key>@<Sentry Server Address>/<Project Identifier>
  2. Click on the Got it! button at the bottom to create the project.


Introduce Sentry SDK to your Frontend Code

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