Project Configuration

A Relay will generally not accept or forward events where it doesn’t know the project. See Getting Started for a short introduction to project configs. This page enumerates all possible options.

The configuration for a project with the ID 123 lives in the file .semaphore/projects/123.json. You can get the project ID from the path section of a DSN.

All config keys in a project config are camelCase.


boolean, default: false

Whether the project is disabled. If set to true, the Relay will drop all events sent to this project.


map from string to boolean, default: {}

A map enumerating known public keys (the public key in a DSN) and whether events using that key should be accepted. Example:

    "publicKeys": {
        "___PUBLIC_KEY___": true


array of origins (strings), default: []

Configure origin URLs which Sentry should accept events from.

This is basically the same as the “Allowed Domains” setting in the Sentry UI.


See PII Configuration.