Project Configuration

A Relay will generally not accept or forward events where it doesn’t know the project. See Getting Started for a short introduction to project configs. This page enumerates all possible options.

The configuration for a project with the ID 123 lives in the file .semaphore/projects/123.json. You can get the project ID from the path section of a DSN.

Basic Options


boolean, default: false

Whether the project is disabled. If set to true, the Relay will drop all events sent to this project.


map from string to boolean, default: {}

A map enumerating known public keys (the public key in a DSN) and whether events using that key should be accepted. Example:

    "publicKeys": {
        "___PUBLIC_KEY___": true



array of origins (strings), default: ["*"]

Configure origin URLs which Sentry should accept events from. This is corresponds to the “Allowed Domains” setting in the Sentry UI.

Note that an empty array will reject all origins. Use the default ["*"] to allow all origins.


See PII Configuration.

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