Size Limits

Learn about the size limits for events and attachments, and how to avoid exceeding them.

Sentry imposes size limits on events, attachments, requests, and various event fields.

The following describes how Sentry treats size limits:

  • Events, attachments, and requests exceeding payload size limits are immediately dropped with a 413 Payload Too Large error.
  • Sentry allows compressed content encoding, and applies separate limits before and after decompression.
  • Events that exceed 200KB compressed or 1MB decompressed will be rejected.
  • Minidump uploads that exceeed 20MB compressed or 100MB decompressed (for all files combined) will also be rejected.
  • Event fields exceeding the individual size limits are trimmed and truncated afterwards.
  • The number of events rejected due to size limits is counted towards the Dropped category in usage stats.

To avoid using up your attachments quota — which is based on size and not number of instances of attachments data sent — or having the event dropped entirely, consider limiting the size of values passed into Sentry's APIs. For example, if your application attaches application state or request bodies to Sentry events, truncate them first.

Sentry's exact size limits may change over time. For more information, please refer to the following resources:

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