Platform Icons

To have consistent icons for all supported platforms across all of Sentry (the product, the docs, landing pages, etc.) we created a repo for managing those icons, called platformicons.

If a new platform is added, follow these steps to add a new icon that can be used in the docs:

  1. Add the new icon to platformicons:

    Create a new issue in the platformicons repository that specifies how the icon should be named and includes a link to the platform's website. Also, make sure to specify whether it is a top-level icon (like python) or a subitem that is only available in one specific platform (like python.celery).

    You can also create a PR in the platformicons repository where you add two versions of the icon. See the README for more info on formatting.```

  2. Release a new version of platformicons to NPM.

    If you are a Sentry employee, follow the on how to do a release.

    If you are not a Sentry employee, ask on our Discord server so someone can review your contribution and trigger the release.

  3. Update the platformicons version used in the docs repository.

    Update the version of your newly released platformicons in package.json and run yarn install to also have the new version in yarn.lock.

  4. Make it available as a component in the docs repository.

    Update platformIcon.tsx to include your new icon. Make sure to:

    • Add two imports (one for each version of the icon).
    • Add the icons to formatToSVG.
    • Add a mapping for the platform and icon to PLATFORM_TO_ICON.

Now the new icon is available in the docs and will be used wherever icons are rendered!

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