Frontmatter a YAML-formatted blob defined at the top of every markdown or mdx file:

title: Doc Title

Markdown or MDX content

Standard frontmatter will apply on nearly every page:


Document title - used in <title> as well as things like search titles.

noindex (false)

Set this to true to disable indexing (robots, algolia) of this content.

notoc (false)

Set this to true to disable page-level table of contents rendering.

draft (false)

Set this to true to mark this page as a draft, and hide it from various other components (such as the PageGrid).

keywords ([])

A list of keywords for indexing with search.


A description to use in the <meta> header, as well as in auto generated page grids.

sidebar_order (10)

The order of this page in auto generated sidebars and grids.

Much of the other functionality for pages is also driven via frontmatter, such as:

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