Query an Individual Organization Member

GET /api/0/organizations/{organization_id_or_slug}/scim/v2/Users/{member_id}

Query an individual organization member with a SCIM User GET Request.

  • The name object will contain fields firstName and lastName with the values of N/A. Sentry's SCIM API does not currently support these fields but returns them for compatibility purposes.

Path Parameters

organization_id_or_slug (string)

The ID or slug of the organization the resource belongs to.

member_id (string)

The ID of the member to query.


<auth_token> requires one of the following scopes:
  • member:admin
  • member:read
  • member:write
curl https://sentry.io/api/0/organizations/{organization_id_or_slug}/scim/v2/Users/{member_id} \
 -H 'Authorization: Bearer <auth_token>'
  "schemas": [
  "id": "102",
  "userName": "test.user@okta.local",
  "emails": [
      "primary": true,
      "value": "test.user@okta.local",
      "type": "work"
  "name": {
    "familyName": "N/A",
    "givenName": "N/A"
  "active": true,
  "meta": {
    "resourceType": "User"
  "sentryOrgRole": "member"