Update an Organization

PUT /api/0/organizations/{organization_id_or_slug}/

Update various attributes and configurable settings for the given organization.

Path Parameters

organization_id_or_slug (string)

The id or slug of the organization to update.

Body Parameters

name (string)

An optional new name for the organization.

slug (string)

An optional new slug for the organization. Needs to be available and unique.


<auth_token> requires one of the following scopes:
  • org:write
curl https://sentry.io/api/0/organizations/{organization_id_or_slug}/ \
 -H 'Authorization: Bearer <auth_token>' \
 -X PUT \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -d '{"name":"Impeccably Designated","slug":"impeccably-designated"}'
  "access": [],
  "allowSharedIssues": true,
  "availableRoles": [
      "id": "member",
      "name": "Member"
      "id": "admin",
      "name": "Admin"
      "id": "manager",
      "name": "Manager"
      "id": "owner",
      "name": "Owner"
  "avatar": {
    "avatarType": "letter_avatar",
    "avatarUuid": null
  "dataScrubber": false,
  "dataScrubberDefaults": false,
  "dateCreated": "2018-11-06T21:20:19.548Z",
  "defaultRole": "member",
  "enhancedPrivacy": false,
  "experiments": {},
  "features": [
  "id": "3",
  "isDefault": false,
  "isEarlyAdopter": false,
  "name": "Impeccably Designated",
  "onboardingTasks": [],
  "openMembership": true,
  "pendingAccessRequests": 0,
  "projects": [],
  "quota": {
    "accountLimit": 0,
    "maxRate": 0,
    "maxRateInterval": 60,
    "projectLimit": 100
  "require2FA": false,
  "safeFields": [],
  "scrapeJavaScript": true,
  "scrubIPAddresses": false,
  "sensitiveFields": [],
  "slug": "impeccably-designated",
  "status": {
    "id": "active",
    "name": "active"
  "storeCrashReports": 0,
  "teams": [],
  "trustedRelays": []