Update a Spike Protection Notification Action

PUT /api/0/organizations/{organization_id_or_slug}/notifications/actions/{action_id}/

Updates a Spike Protection Notification Action.

Notification Actions notify a set of members when an action has been triggered through a notification service such as Slack or Sentry. For example, organization owners and managers can receive an email when a spike occurs.

Path Parameters

organization_id_or_slug (string)

The ID or slug of the organization the resource belongs to.

action_id (integer)

ID of the notification action to retrieve

Body Parameters

trigger_type (string)

Type of the trigger that causes the notification. The only supported trigger right now is: spike-protection.

service_type (string)

Service that is used for sending the notification.

  • email
  • slack
  • sentry_notification
  • pagerduty
  • opsgenie
integration_id (integer)

ID of the integration used as the notification service. See List Integrations to retrieve a full list of integrations.

Required if service_type is slack, pagerduty or opsgenie.

target_identifier (string)

ID of the notification target, like a Slack channel ID.

Required if service_type is slack or opsgenie.

target_display (string)

Name of the notification target, like a Slack channel name.

Required if service_type is slack or opsgenie.

projects (array(string))

List of projects slugs that the Notification Action is created for.


<auth_token> requires one of the following scopes:
  • org:admin
  • org:read
  • org:write
curl https://sentry.io/api/0/organizations/{organization_id_or_slug}/notifications/actions/{action_id}/ \
 -H 'Authorization: Bearer <auth_token>' \
 -X PUT \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -d '{}'
  "id": "836501735",
  "organizationId": "62848264",
  "serviceType": "sentry_notification",
  "targetDisplay": "default",
  "targetIdentifier": "default",
  "targetType": "specific",
  "triggerType": "spike-protection",
  "projects": [