Set Up

Get started with Sentry's User Feedback, which allows you to collect feedback from your users.

With User Feedback, you can collect feedback from your users via two methods: a Feedback Widget that can be displayed anywhere in your web application and/or a Crash-Report Modal that appears when your users are experiencing crashes.

To get instructions for how to set it up and start collecting feedback, click a link for one of the supported SDKs below.

The User Feedback widget can be used on all browser-based applications. This includes static websites, single-page-applications, and also server-side-rendered, including frameworks such as: Django, Spring, ASP.NET, Laravel, Express and Rails. If you don't use npm or yarn, you can use our Loader script tag on your main HTML template.

The Sentry SDK that injects the Feedback widget runs on the client's browser, and it’s built-in to @sentry/browser and our browser framework SDKs:

For non-browser-based applications, we provide an API to send user feedback attached to errors programatically. This allows you to connect your own user interface with Sentry's Crash-Reports. The following SDKs have support for the Crash-Report API:

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