AI Suggested Solution

AI Suggested Solution is an experimental feature that uses AI to explain an issue and to propose a solution. To achieve this, the feature sends certain parts of an error event to OpenAI for processing.

You can find the feature below the breadcrumbs in the issue details page:

Suggested Solution Banner

Once you click on 'View Suggestion', Sentry will send information about the event to OpenAI for analysis. After some period of waiting, a suggested solution will be produced and might look something like this:

Example Solution

Under normal circumstances we do not send data to a third party undisclosed in our subprocessor list. Because of this you need to provide consent to do so. If your organization has signed a DPA with us, an owner of the organization will need to sign a "OpenAI Subprocessor Acknowledgement" in the organization Legal & Compliance page. Otherwise an individual user will receive a prompt to confirm that data will be sent to a third party.

Under all circumstance we will not send any event data to OpenAI without an explicit instruction to do so. Only by clicking the "View Suggestion" button will selected event data be shared with a third party. We send the following data from an event:

  • message
  • platform
  • exception type
  • exception mechanism
  • exception value
  • exception stack trace

This feature uses the OpenAI API and the event data shared via this feature will not be used to train their AI models.

If you don't find the feature useful and want to disable it for all users, you can do so in your organization's settings. Also remember that if you have a DPA signed with us, even if that toggle is enabled the feature won't be available to users until a owner of the organization signed the "OpenAI Subprocessor Acknowledgement".

Disabling Feature

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