UI Components

The Sentry integration platform provides developers with the ability to define components to render within specific parts of sentry.io, through a JSON-based schema.

You can define the following components:


The UI components are specified in the schema section of the integration details. The required form of this schema is:

  "elements": [
    // Component schemas to be used by the integration
    // e.g. { "type": "alert-rule-action", ... }

URI Guidelines

The uri keys in your schema elements describe the URI path that will receive a request from that UI component. Sentry will append the path in the uri field onto the host of your integration's webhook URL. For example, if the webhook URL is https://example.com/webhook/, and your schema's uri attribute is /alerts/, then the integration will receive requests to https://example.com/alerts/.

Error Handling

Component rendering either 100% works or shows nothing. To protect the integration from looking chaotic due to errors we have no control over, if any part of the third-party component rendering fails, nothing will render.

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