Feature: with_log (enabled by default)

Adds support for automatic breadcrumb capturing from logs.

The log crate is supported in two ways. First events can be captured as breadcrumbs for later, secondly error events can be logged as events to Sentry. By default anything above Info is recorded as breadcrumb and anything above Error is captured as error event.


However due to how log systems in Rust work this currently requires you to slightly change your log setup. This is an example with the pretty env logger crate:

let mut log_builder = pretty_env_logger::formatted_builder().unwrap();
log_builder.parse("info");  // or env::var("RUST_LOG")
let logger = log_builder.build();
let options = sentry::integrations::log::LoggerOptions {
    global_filter: Some(logger.filter()),
sentry::integrations::log::init(Some(Box::new(logger)), options);

For loggers based on env_logger (like pretty_env_logger) you can also use the env_logger integration which is much easier to use.

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