AWS Lambda Container Image (Node)

As an alternative setup method, you can add Sentry to your Container Image. To import Sentry's Layer Image, add the following to your Dockerfile:

COPY<VERSION> /opt/ /opt

Replace VERSION with a specific version number (for example, 28). You can see a complete list of available versions in Sentry's Amazon ECR repository.

Function Configuration

Set the following environment variables in AWS:

  • Set NODE_OPTIONS to -r @sentry/serverless/dist/awslambda-auto
  • Set SENTRY_DSN to your Sentry's DSN
  • Set SENTRY_TRACES_SAMPLE_RATE to your preferred sampling rate for transactions

Alternatively, you can also set the environment variables in the Dockerfile:

ENV NODE_OPTIONS="-r @sentry/serverless/dist/awslambda-auto"
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