User Feedback

When a user experiences an error, Sentry provides the ability to collect additional feedback. You can collect feedback according to the method supported by the SDK.

User Feedback API

The user feedback API provides the ability to collect user information when an event occurs. You can use the same programming language you have in your app to send user feedback. In this case, the SDK creates the HTTP request so you don't have to deal with posting data via HTTP.

Sentry pairs the feedback with the original event, giving you additional insight into issues. Sentry needs the eventId to be able to associate the user feedback to the corresponding event. To get the eventId, for example, you can use the beforeSend, or the return value of the methods capturing an event.

import io.sentry.Sentry;
import io.sentry.UserFeedback;

SentryId sentryId = Sentry.captureMessage("My message");

UserFeedback userFeedback = new UserFeedback(sentryId);
userFeedback.setComments("It broke.");
userFeedback.setName("John Doe");
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