If you need help solving issues with Sentry's Flutter SDK, you can read the edge cases documented here. If you need additional help, you can ask on GitHub. Customers on a paid plan may also contact support.

Known Limitations

  • If you enable the split-debug-info and obfuscate features, you must upload debug symbols.
  • Issue titles might be obfuscated as we rely on the runtimeType, but they may not be human-readable. See the Obfuscate Caveat.
  • Layout related errors are only caught by FlutterError.onError in debug mode. In release mode, they are removed by the Flutter framework. See Flutter build modes.
  • On Windows, you have to set the version and build number manually, see this issue on GitHub. To do so:
    • Use Dart defines to build the app: flutter build windows --dart-define=SENTRY_RELEASE=my_app@1.0.0+1
    • Or, set the release on SentryOptions options.release = 'my_app@1.0.0+1' during SDK initialization.

Building Specific ABI on Android

The Sentry Flutter SDK includes the Sentry Android SDK, which bundles multiple native libraries for multiple ABIs. Building a Flutter app for a specific ABI using the --target-platform argument, for example an ARM 32bit apk, looks like this, which should also include the --split-per-abi flag:

flutter build apk --target-platform=android-arm --split-per-abi

Native Symbolication on Android

The configuration for symbolication of Native events (C/C++) is documented in our Android Native Development Kit content. If you are having issues with symbolication in Flutter, check that your configuration is correct, as discussed in our Flutter content that covers Uploading for Android NDK

Native Symbolication on iOS/macOS

Flutter split-debug-info and obfuscate flags are supported on iOS/macOS. They require compiling your app using Flutter, version 3.7.0 and above and the Sentry Flutter SDK, version 6.10.0 and above.

Source Context

Source Context support requires compiling your app using the split-debug-info build parameter and the latest Flutter (master channel), you must also upload debug symbols.

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