Google App Engine

The raven-appengine module enables the support of the async connections in Google App Engine.

The project can be found on github: raven-java/appengine

Google App Engine doesn’t support threads but provides instead a TaskQueueing system allowing tasks to be run in the background.

This module replaces the async system provided by default with one relying on the tasks.

This module is not useful outside of Google App Engine.


If you want to use Maven you can install Raven-AppEngine as dependency:



This module provides a new RavenFactory which replaces the default async system with a GAE compatible one.

The queue size and thread options will not be used as they are specific to the default multithreaded system.

It is necessary to force the raven factory name to com.getsentry.raven.appengine.AppEngineRavenFactory.

Queue Name

By default, the default task queue will be used, but it’s possible to specify which one will be used with the raven.async.gae.queuename option:


Connection Name

As the queued tasks are sent across different instances of the application, it’s important to be able to identify which connection should be used when processing the event. To do so, the GAE module will identify each connection based on an identifier either automatically generated or user defined. TO manually set the connection identifier (only used internally) use the option raven.async.connectionid: