Update a Project

PUT /api/0/projects/{organization_slug}/{project_slug}/

Update various attributes and configurable settings for the given project. Only supplied values are updated.

Path Parameters:
  • organization_slug (string)

    the slug of the organization the project belongs to.

  • project_slug (string)

    the slug of the project to update.

  • name (string)

    the new name for the project.

  • slug (string)

    the new slug for the project.

  • team (string)

    the slug of new team for the project. Note, will be deprecated soon when multiple teams can have access to a project.

  • platform (string)

    the new platform for the project.

  • isBookmarked (boolean)

    in case this API call is invoked with a user context this allows changing of the bookmark flag.

  • digestsMinDelay (int)
  • digestsMaxDelay (int)
Authentication: required
Method: PUT
Path: /api/0/projects/{organization_slug}/{project_slug}/


PUT /api/0/projects/the-interstellar-jurisdiction/plain-proxy/ HTTP/1.1
Host: sentry.io
Authorization: Bearer <token>
Content-Type: application/json

  "name": "Plane Proxy", 
  "options": {
    "sentry:origins": "http://example.com\nhttp://example.invalid"
  "platform": "javascript", 
  "slug": "plane-proxy"
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 2819
X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block
Content-Language: en
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
Vary: Accept-Language, Cookie
X-Frame-Options: deny
Content-Type: application/json

  "allowedDomains": [
  "avatar": {
    "avatarType": "letter_avatar", 
    "avatarUuid": null
  "color": "#bf803f", 
  "dataScrubber": true, 
  "dataScrubberDefaults": true, 
  "dateCreated": "2018-11-06T21:20:19.624Z", 
  "defaultEnvironment": null, 
  "digestsMaxDelay": 1800, 
  "digestsMinDelay": 300, 
  "features": [
  "firstEvent": null, 
  "hasAccess": true, 
  "id": "5", 
  "isBookmarked": false, 
  "isInternal": false, 
  "isMember": true, 
  "isPublic": false, 
  "latestRelease": {
    "authors": [], 
    "commitCount": 0, 
    "data": {}, 
    "dateCreated": "2018-11-06T21:20:19.645Z", 
    "dateReleased": null, 
    "deployCount": 0, 
    "firstEvent": "2018-11-06T21:20:19.718Z", 
    "lastCommit": null, 
    "lastDeploy": null, 
    "lastEvent": "2018-11-06T21:20:19.718Z", 
    "newGroups": 0, 
    "owner": null, 
    "projects": [
        "name": "Plane Proxy", 
        "slug": "plane-proxy"
    "ref": null, 
    "shortVersion": "21c04bd", 
    "url": null, 
    "version": "21c04bd8fa23cfd85f5f5867f18efd2cf13247bc"
  "name": "Plane Proxy", 
  "options": {
    "feedback:branding": true, 
    "filters:blacklisted_ips": "", 
    "filters:error_messages": "", 
    "filters:releases": "", 
    "sentry:csp_ignored_sources": "", 
    "sentry:csp_ignored_sources_defaults": true, 
    "sentry:reprocessing_active": false
  "organization": {
    "avatar": {
      "avatarType": "letter_avatar", 
      "avatarUuid": null
    "dateCreated": "2018-11-06T21:19:55.101Z", 
    "id": "2", 
    "isEarlyAdopter": false, 
    "name": "The Interstellar Jurisdiction", 
    "require2FA": false, 
    "slug": "the-interstellar-jurisdiction", 
    "status": {
      "id": "active", 
      "name": "active"
  "platform": "javascript", 
  "platforms": [], 
  "plugins": [
      "assets": [], 
      "author": {
        "name": "Sentry Team", 
        "url": "https://github.com/getsentry/sentry"
      "canDisable": true, 
      "contexts": [], 
      "description": "Integrates web hooks.", 
      "doc": "", 
      "enabled": false, 
      "hasConfiguration": true, 
      "id": "webhooks", 
      "isTestable": true, 
      "metadata": {}, 
      "name": "WebHooks", 
      "resourceLinks": [
          "title": "Bug Tracker", 
          "url": "https://github.com/getsentry/sentry/issues"
          "title": "Source", 
          "url": "https://github.com/getsentry/sentry"
      "shortName": "WebHooks", 
      "slug": "webhooks", 
      "status": "unknown", 
      "type": "notification", 
      "version": "9.1.0.dev0"
  "processingIssues": 0, 
  "relayPiiConfig": null, 
  "resolveAge": 0, 
  "safeFields": [], 
  "scrapeJavaScript": true, 
  "scrubIPAddresses": false, 
  "securityToken": "c55a4bdce20911e88eed88e9fe5cab71", 
  "securityTokenHeader": null, 
  "sensitiveFields": [], 
  "slug": "plane-proxy", 
  "status": "active", 
  "storeCrashReports": false, 
  "subjectPrefix": "[Sentry] ", 
  "subjectTemplate": "$shortID - $title", 
  "team": {
    "id": "2", 
    "name": "Powerful Abolitionist", 
    "slug": "powerful-abolitionist"
  "teams": [
      "id": "2", 
      "name": "Powerful Abolitionist", 
      "slug": "powerful-abolitionist"
  "verifySSL": false