As a paying customer of Sentry you have access to various forms of support; and if you are using the Open Source version you can get in contact with the Sentry community for questions. All Sentry repositories can be found on GitHub.

System Status

The availability of the Sentry cloud hosted installation is independently monitored from outside the infrastructure. To monitor the availability, get notifications and read status updates about outdates you can visit the status page at There you can also subscribe to email and SMS notifications.

Community Support

We offer community support through This is a great place to provide product feedback, get help and advice with various issues, as well as to take part in the larger Sentry community.

You can also find answers to commonly asked questions in our Help Center.

If you’re looking for support on a specific SDK, check the documentation specific to that SDK. Several SDKs are maintained by the Sentry team, whereas others are not. Nearly every SDK also has its own bug tracker, which is generally where the code lives (i.e. on GitHub).

If you are a paid customer, you can contact support from within your Sentry organization. This can be found by going to the dropdown menu under your organization’s name in the top left, and clicking “Support”. We suggest reserving that for actual problems with the service, and when possible referring to our documentation and community support.