sentry run worker

Run background worker instance.


  • -n, --hostname TEXT: Set custom hostname, e.g. ‘w1.%h’. Expands: %h(hostname), %n (name) and %d, (domain).
  • -Q, --queues TEXT: List of queues to enable for this worker, separated by comma. By default all configured queues are enabled. Example: -Q video,image
  • -c, --concurrency INTEGER: Number of child processes processing the queue. The default is the number of CPUs available on your system.
  • -f, --logfile TEXT: Path to log file. If no logfile is specified, stderr is used.
  • --autoreload: Enable autoreloading.
  • -l, --loglevel [DEBUG|INFO|WARNING|ERROR|CRITICAL|FATAL]: Global logging level. Use wisely.
  • --logformat [human|machine]: Log line format.
  • --help: print this help page.
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