sentry devserver ADDRESS

Starts a lightweight web server for development.


  • --reload / --no-reload: Autoreloading of python files.
  • --watchers / --no-watchers: Watch static files and recompile on changes.
  • --workers / --no-workers: Run asynchronous workers.
  • --browser-reload / --no-browser-reload: Automatic browser refreshing on webpack builds
  • --prefix / --no-prefix: Show the service name prefix and timestamp
  • --styleguide / --no-styleguide: Start local styleguide web server on port 9001
  • --environment TEXT: The environment name.
  • -l, --loglevel [DEBUG|INFO|WARNING|ERROR|CRITICAL|FATAL]: Global logging level. Use wisely.
  • --logformat [human|machine]: Log line format.
  • --help: print this help page.
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