Command Line Usage

Sentry installs a command line script under the name sentry. This will allow you to perform most required operations that are unachievable within the web UI.

If you’re using a non-standard configuration location make sure you to pass the configuration via the SENTRY_CONF environment variable:

SENTRY_CONF=/etc/sentry sentry help

For a list of commands, you can also use sentry help, or sentry [command] --help for help on a specific command.


Sentry is cross-platform crash reporting built with love.

The configuration file is looked up in the ~/.sentry config directory but this can be overridden with the SENTRY_CONF environment variable or be explicitly provided through the –config parameter.


  • --config PATH: Path to configuration files.
  • --version: Show the version and exit.
  • --help: print this help page.


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