Advanced Configuration

Basic attributes can be reconfigured by providing a special game data to the crash reporter by setting the __sentry game data key to a JSON value containing Sentry specific attributes:

#include "GenericPlatform/GenericPlatformCrashContext.h"
#include "Dom/Json.h"

void ConfigureCrashReporter()
    TSharedPtr<FJsonObject> config = MakeShareable(new FJsonObject);

    // sentry specific attributes to here
    config->SetStringField("release", "name-of-app@1.0.0");
    config->SetStringField("environment", "production");

    FString jsonConfig;
    TSharedRef<TJsonWriter<>> jsonWriter = TJsonWriterFactory<>::Create(&jsonConfig);
    FJsonSerializer::Serialize(config, jsonWriter);

    FGenericCrashContext::SetGameData(TEXT("__sentry"), jsonConfig);

You need to call the ConfigureCrashReporter some time after your game starts up. Any [event attribute] can be set.

event attribute

Depending on the version of Unreal Engine you are using, you may have to add JSON support to the build script (

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { ..., "Json" });

For more information, see:

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