Filter Events & Custom Logic

Sentry exposes a before_send callback which can be used to filter out information or add additional context to the event object. The callback must conform to the sentry_event_function_t signature.

#include <sentry.h>

sentry_value_t strip_sensitive_data(sentry_value_t event, void *hint) {
  /* modify event here or return NULL to discard the event */
  return event;

int main(void) {
  sentry_options_t *options = sentry_options_new();
  sentry_options_set_before_send(options, strip_sensitive_data);

  /* ... */

The callback is executed in the same thread as the call to sentry_capture_event. Work performed by the function may thus block the executing thread. For this reason, consider avoiding heavy work in before_send.

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