We recommend installing the SDK through our installation wizard:

npx @sentry/wizard@latest -i remix

The wizard will prompt you to log in to Sentry. It will then automatically do the following steps for you:

  • create two files in the root directory of your project, entry.client.tsx and entry.server.tsx (if they don't already exist).
  • add the default Sentry.init() for the client in entry.client.tsx and the server in entry.server.tsx.
  • create .sentryclirc with an auth token to upload source maps (this file is automatically added to .gitignore).
  • adjust your build script in package.json to automatically upload source maps to Sentry when you build your application.
  • add an example page to your app to verify your Sentry setup

If you use Remix future flags, the wizard will instrument your application accordingly to support Remix v2 features.

After the wizard setup is completed, the SDK will automatically capture unhandled errors, and monitor performance. You can also manually capture errors.

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