Native Usage

Sentry can process Minidumps created when the Electron process or one of its renderers crashes. To do so, the SDK needs to upload those files once the application restarts (or immediately for renderer crashes). All event meta data including user information and breadcrumbs are included in these uploads.

Due to restrictions of macOS app sandboxing, native crashes cannot be collected in Mac App Store builds. In this case, native crash handling will be disabled, regardless of the enableNative setting.

Uploading Debug Information

To allow Sentry to fully process native crashes and provide you with symbolicated stack traces, you need to upload Debug Information Files (sometimes also referred to as Debug Symbols or just Symbols).

Sentry Wizard creates a convenient sentry-symbols.js script that will upload the Electron symbols for you. After installing the SDK and every time you upgrade the Electron version, run this script:

$ node sentry-symbols.js

This script will download symbol archives for all platforms from the Electron releases page and upload them to Sentry. If your app uses a custom Electron fork or you simply prefer to upload them manually, you can do so with our CLI:

$ export VERSION=v1.8.4
$ sentry-cli upload-dif -t dsym electron-$
$ sentry-cli upload-dif -t breakpad electron-$
$ sentry-cli upload-dif -t breakpad electron-$
$ sentry-cli upload-dif -t breakpad electron-$

Likewise, if your app uses custom native extensions or you wish to symbolicate crashes from a spawned child process, upload its debug information manually during your build or release process. For more information on uploading debug information and their supported formats, see Debug Information Files.

Child Processes

The SDK relies on the Electron CrashReporter to generate the crash dumps. To receive crash reports for child processes, you need to make sure the crash reporter is activated by either the SDK or manually (see below).

An exception to this is macOS, where the crash reporter only needs to be started in the main process and watches all its child processes. The SDK already takes care of this difference, so there is no need to manually disable enableNative.

For custom child processes, especially ones not written in JavaScript, you need to integrate a library that can generate Minidumps. These are most notably Crashpad and Breakpad. Please refer to their respective documentation on how to build and integrate them. Configure them with the following upload URL:


It currently not possible create breadcrumbs or other event meta data from native code. This has to happen in JavaScript. Support for this is planned in future releases.

Manual Crash Reporting

You can also capture native crashes by starting the Electron CrashReporter manually. Sentry is able to provide symbolicated stack traces and show system information, but no Electron-specific metadata, breadcrumbs or context information will be present. This is useful in cases where you cannot use the full Electron SDK:

const { crashReporter } = require('electron');
  companyName: 'YourCompany',
  productName: 'YourApp',
  ignoreSystemCrashHandler: true,
  submitURL: '___MINIDUMP_URL___'