User Feedback

Sentry provides the ability to collect additional feedback from the user upon hitting an error. This is primarily useful in situations where you might generally render a plain error page (the classic 500.html). To collect the feedback, an embeddable JavaScript widget is available, which can then be shown on demand to your users.

The following pieces of information are requested and collected:

  • The user’s name
  • The user’s email address
  • A description of what happened

When feedback is collected, Sentry will pair it up with the original event giving you additional insights into issues.

Collecting Feedback

The integration process consists of running our JavaScript SDK (2.1 or newer), authenticating with your public DSN, and passing in the client-side generated Event ID.

For example, in Django this looks like the following:

<!-- Sentry JS SDK 2.1.+ required -->
<script src=""></script>

{% if %}
    eventId: '{{ }}',

    // use the public DSN (dont include your secret!)
    dsn: '___PUBLIC_DSN___'
{% endif %}

Often this will vary depending on how you handle errors – specifically routing and rendering errors. If you’ve got a more custom setup, you’ll simply need to pull out the event ID and pass it into the widget:

class IndexController(Controller):
    def get(self, request):
            1 / 0
        except Exception:
            event_id = Raven.captureException()
            return render('500.html', {'sentry_event_id': event_id})

Then simply check for the ID in the template, and open the feedback dialog:

<script src=""></script>

{% if sentry_event_id %}
    eventId: '{{ sentry_event_id }}',

    // use the public DSN (dont include your secret!)
    dsn: '___PUBLIC_DSN___'
{% endif %}

Some integrations and frameworks will make this even easier:

Take a look at your SDK’s documentation for more information.

Customizing the Widget

Several parameters are available to customize the widget, specifically for localization. All options can be passed through the showReportDialog call.

An override for Sentry’s automatic language detection (e.g. lang=de)

Param Default
lang [automatic]override for Sentry’s language code
title It looks like we’re having issues.
subtitle Our team has been notified.
subtitle2 If you’d like to help, tell us what happened below. – not visible on small screen resolutions
labelName Name
labelEmail Email
labelComments What happened?
labelClose Close
labelSubmit Submit
errorGeneric An unknown error occurred while submitting your report. Please try again.
errorFormEntry Some fields were invalid. Please correct the errors and try again.
successMessage Your feedback has been sent. Thank you!