Debug Interface

The debug support interface is only available during processing and is not stored afterwards.


This interface can provide temporary debug information that Sentry can use to improve reporting. Currently it is used for symbolication only.

Supported properties:


An object with the following attributes: dsym_type, sdk_name, version_major, version_minor and version_patchlevel. If this object is provided then resolving system symbols is activated. The values provided need to match uploaded system symbols to Sentry.


A list of debug images. The type of the image must be provided and the other keys depend on the image type.

Supported image types:


The format otherwise matches the apple crash reports. The following keys are supported: cpu_type, cpu_subtype, image_addr, image_size, image_vmaddr, name and uuid. Note that it’s recommended to use hexadecimal addresses ("0x1234") instead of integers.

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