For common environments and frameworks like Rails, Rake, Rack and others Ruby Raven provides automatic integration for reporting. Most of the time you don’t need to change anything, although you can configure those features if you want.

The following integrations are available:

  • Sidekiq (:sidekiq)
  • Delayed::Job (:delayed_job)
  • Rake (:rake)
  • Rack (:rack)
  • Rails (:railties)

Manually using integrations

Integrations are automatically loaded by default. This can be problematic if the default integration behavior doesn’t suit your projects’ needs.

To explicitly include integrations:

require 'sentry-raven-without-integrations'
Raven.inject_only(:railties, :rack, :rake)

To blacklist integrations:

require 'sentry-raven-without-integrations'
Raven.inject_without(:sidekiq, :delayed_job)

If you’re using bundler, then in your gemfile:

gem 'sentry-raven', require: 'sentry-raven-without-integrations'

And in some sort of initializer: