Raven Ruby comes as a gem and is straightforward to install. If you are using Bundler just add this to your Gemfile:

gem "sentry-raven"

Development Version

If you want to install the development version from GitHub:

gem "sentry-raven", :github => "getsentry/raven-ruby"

Without Integrations

If you wish to activate integrations manually (or don’t want them activated by default), require “raven/base” instead of “raven” or “sentry-raven”. In that case disable the requiring in the Gemfile:

gem "sentry-raven", :require => false

And in your initialization code:

require "raven/base"
require "raven/integrations/rails"
require "raven/integrations/delayed_job"

This stops you from calling Raven.inject, which is where all this integration loading occurs.

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