Source Maps for Other Platforms

Currently automatic source map handling is only implemented for iOS with Xcode and Android with gradle. If you manually invoke the react-native packager you can however get source maps anyways by passing –sourcemap-output to it.

If you do get source maps, you can upload them with sentry-cli.


react-native bundle \
  --dev false \
  --platform android \
  --entry-file \
  --reset-cache \
  --bundle-output android.main.bundle \

To then upload you should use this:

node_modules/@sentry/cli/bin/sentry-cli releases \
    files RELEASE_NAME \
    upload-sourcemaps \
    --strip-prefix /path/to/project/root \

The values for RELEASE_NAME and DISTRIBUTION_NAME are as follows:

the bundle ID or package name (reverse dns notation of your app) followed by a dash and the human readable version name that is set for your release. So for instance com.example.myapp-1.0.

If you set the release name within your app, the RELEASE_NAME should be the same value. e.g.


This is the version code or build id depending on your platform. So for instance just set this to whatever is set in your Info.plist or what your gradle setup generates (eg: 52).

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