Using Sentry with CodePush

If you want to use sentry together with CodePush you have to send us the CodePush version:

import codePush from "react-native-code-push";

codePush.getUpdateMetadata().then(update => {
  if (update) {
    Sentry.setVersion(update.appVersion + "-codepush:" + update.label);

Put this somewhere in your code where you already use CodePush. This makes sure that we can associate crashes with the right source maps. Sentry.setVersion sets the release to bundle_id-version this works for iOS as well as Android. Make sure that you call this function otherwise Sentry is not able to symbolicate your crashes correctly.

After updating your CodePush release you have to upload the new assets to Sentry:

appcenter codepush release-react --app YourApp --output-dir ./build
sentry-cli react-native appcenter YourApp ios ./build/codePush

Exporting the SENTRY_PROPERTIES will tell sentry-cli to use the properties in your project. Alternatively, you can either pass it via parameters or a global settings file. To find more about this refer to Working with Projects.

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