Setup With CocoaPods

In order to use Sentry with CocoaPods you have to install the packages with npm or yarn and link them locally in your Podfile.

npm install --save react react-native react-native-sentry
yarn add react react-native react-native-sentry

After that change your Podfile to reference to the packages in your node_modules folder. For the latest reference on how to use React Native with CocoaPods see: Integration with existing apps

target 'YOUR-TARGET' do
  # Your react-native and other pods

  pod 'SentryReactNative', :path => '../node_modules/react-native-sentry/SentryReactNative.podspec' # or your path to node_modules

After that run pod install which then should link everything correctly. Please keep in mind that you need the build steps that upload your source maps and debug symbols.

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