ZeroRPC is a light-weight, reliable and language-agnostic library for distributed communication between server-side processes.


If you haven’t already, start by downloading Raven. The easiest way is with pip:

pip install raven --upgrade


The ZeroRPC integration comes as middleware for ZeroRPC. The middleware can be configured like the original Raven client (using keyword arguments) and registered into ZeroRPC’s context manager:

import zerorpc

from raven.contrib.zerorpc import SentryMiddleware

sentry = SentryMiddleware(dsn='___DSN___')

By default, the middleware will hide internal frames from ZeroRPC when it submits exceptions to Sentry. This behavior can be disabled by passing the hide_zerorpc_frames parameter to the middleware:

sentry = SentryMiddleware(hide_zerorpc_frames=False, dsn='___DSN___')


  • ZeroRPC-Python < 0.4.0 is compatible with Raven <= 3.1.0;
  • ZeroRPC-Python >= 0.4.0 requires Raven > 3.1.0.