Agent (Discontinued)

As of version 1.5.0 there is a new experimental (beta) Java Agent available that enhances the existing Sentry Java SDK. The agent will enhance your application stack traces on Sentry by adding the names and values of local variables to each frame.


The latest agent can be downloaded from GitHub.

Once you have downloaded the correct agent, you need to run your Java application with the -agentpath argument. For example:

java -agentpath:/path/to/ -jar app.jar

You will still need to install and configure the Sentry Java SDK. In addition, you must set the option. Only exceptions that contain at least one frame from your application will be processed by the agent. You can find details about this option on the configuration page.

With the SDK configured the agent should automatically enhance your events where applicable.

Example of local variable state in the Sentry UI

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