Breakpad Symbol Upload

sentry-cli can upload Breakpad symbols generated by the dump_syms tool to Sentry to allow symbolication of Minidump crash reports. Breakpad uses a platform independent ASCII format to store debug information. Such files are usually generated for applications using Breakpad, Crashpad or the Electron Framework.

Basic Upload

Use upload-dif to upload Breakpad symbols and specify the breakpad type. The command will recurively scan the provided folders or ZIP archives.


$ sentry-cli upload-dif -t breakpad .

Upload Options

There are a few options you can supply for the upload process


By default, sentry-cli will open and search ZIP archives for files. This is especially useful when downloading builds from iTunes Connect. Use this switch to disable if your search paths contain large ZIP archives without debug information files to speed up the search.


This parameter prevents Sentry from triggering reprocessing right away. It can be useful under rare circumstances where you want to upload files in multiple batches and you want to ensure that Sentry does not start reprocessing before some optional dsyms are uploaded. Note though that someone can still in the meantime trigger reprocessing from the UI.